Fall 2016 JMS Artist Management Intern 


Intern will provide assistance on administrative and creative tasks, as well as in management planning. This position will last from mid-September to mid-December. The internship will be split between... 
(1) company tasks
(2) tutelage in musical entrepreneurship
(3) a project of the intern's choice. 

The intern will work 4 to 6 estimated hours weekly, and will be provided a monthly travel stipend. This internship is for college students in an arts-related field who are interested in the business side of the performing arts.

Please send a letter of interest and one-page resume to justinstanley@jmsartistmanagement.com. 

“This internship is wonderful! Meeting Justin every week allowed me to take steps to materialize my musical goals”.
— Sofia Gonzalez Pikul, 2013 Intern

The JMS Artist Management Internship is offered to young musicians who want to explore the entrepreneurial side of their careers. In addition to working with Justin, interns are guided through several music business resources, and asked to focus on one or two specific creative projects.